We oppose abortion because faith, conscience, and scientific fact tell us human life begins at conception — fertilization is the beginning of a unique and wonderful human person.

We agree with the Founding Father's of our country that the States have the inherent right to decide when any party—including the central government in Washington D.C.— is in violation of the United States Constitution—a binding legal contract created by and between the States.

We believe that nullification of Federal laws and mandates is necessary to stop the exploitation of women and the murder of their preborn children.

We acknowledge that all preborn children are human beings inherently worthy and deserving of life.

We expect States to fulfill their obligation to do everything in their power to protect our most vulnerable citizens and uphold the most basic human right—life.



  • Restore state sovereignty over issues of life and death
  • Inform the public, politicians, and organizations of the power and obligation to nullify Federal abortion mandates
  • Serve as a rallying point for individuals and organizations seeking to nullify Federal abortion mandates
  • Encourage all fifty states to nullify Federal abortion mandates
  • Support individuals and organizations taking action to fight unconstitutional Abortion mandates


  • Grassroots political campaigning
  • Support of pro-nullification candidates
  • Educating the public, organizations, and politicians regarding issues of life, abortion, and nullification
  • Empowering pro-life and pro-nullification organizations
  • Legal resistance of unconstitutional mandates

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