Spirit of Liberty Recap, Winner, More

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you might have heard about the Spirit of Liberty Conference that took place October 31st in Southfield, MI. Nullify Abortion helped sponsor the event. Greg Semrau (pictured above) and I (Matthew — the one taking the photo) manned our table. We managed to collect a fair amount of […]

Pen, paper, and/or keyboard — Choose your weapon to fight abortion

Write for Life

The ChallengeA major challenge of starting an organization advocating a political strategy (that has been ignored for the greater part of a century) to combat an issue with fragmented and divided supporters all arguing for a “best way” is that there is practically no content to work off of. Michael Boldin, founder and leader of […]

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Michigan Meeting Minutes – 2015-01-24

Summary: This past Saturday we met at Zanie Janie’s Simply Coffee in Holly, Michigan. Only a few people attended, but we were able to have some great discussions on the future of this organization. Next meeting planned for February 28, 2015 at the same location.   Nullify Abortion Informational Meeting & Rally 2015-01-25 (January 25, […]

Nullification, States, and the Constitution

This article is a crash course on the topics of nullification, state rights, and how Nullify Abortion fits into this picture. This is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of subjects, but rather a quick reference for those unfamiliar with the topics. Nullification Nullification is a political concept whereby a State declares a Federal […]