Ending abortion at the state level through uncompromising and consistent pro-life opposition

Line in the sand

Where in the Constitution does it say nine unelected politically connected lawyers are the last say on whether or not children can be killed by the tens of millions?

It’s time to stop listening to the lies we’ve been sold for the last five decades. The only reason abortion still stands today is because our legislators are going along with the smoke and mirrors. The SCOTUS only has power because we’ve been trained to accept it as our pantheon of political false gods like good little peasants.


It’s time to get real. Abortion can and will end when the states grow a backbone and tell the feds to pound sand.

Are you ready to hold your public officials accountable for the genocide they are permitting under their watch? Are you ready to join us as we send Planned Parenthood and its socialist cronies packing?

Contact us right now to learn how you can be a part of the fundamental movement that brings abortion and the political careers of all who support it to a spectacular end!

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