Not An Armadillo: Pro-life position is simple

The reality is we’re all pro-life! Thank God for that! How did I arrive at such a broad assumption? ‘Cause everybody is alive! Therein lies the hypocrisy of pro-abortion. As Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

You may say that’s a very simplistic view.  You’re right! Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain it to a six-year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Most concepts begin with a notion. Most are simple at inception. This is a simple concept, one that practically everyone can understand: God created us.

Life is precious — you only get one. Yet, some among us deny millions upon millions the same opportunity.  If you’re breathing, you’re alive, and you support life — even if it’s only your own.

Life begins at conception. This is confirmed by embryologist Keith L. Moore who said, “The zygote (fertilized egg), formed by the union of an oocyte and a sperm, is the beginning of a new human being.”

Textbooks such as Human Embryology & Teratology, Medical Embryology, Essentials of Human Embryology, Van Nostrands Scientific Encyclopedia and Foundations of Embryology are all unanimous: Life begins at fertilization. Common sense tells you this.

Okay, you say, “It’s a blob of tissue with no discernible human characteristics.” Well, he or she may “not look human”, but that baby is. There is no morally significant difference between the embryo you once were and the person you are today.  Your DNA is as unique today as it was when you were  only a few cells inside your mother.

The level of development — in or outside the womb — and amount of dependency are  irrelevant factors when considering the rights of a human being to live.  Mom and dad didn’t do the deed in hopes of conceiving an armadillo. And, if they didn’t intend to conceive, I believe God still ordained for a human being to come out of it.  Regardless, a human is created and he or she is truly a miracle worthy of life.  Who are we to decide they are not?

This is not E=mc2, Einstein’s equation for the general theory of relativity. You don’t need to be an expert to understand a human being is alive in mom’s belly from the point of conception. Justice Blackmun, writing the majority opinion of Roe V. Wade, in favor of abortion stated, “We cannot resolve the difficult question of when life begins.

This is ignorance as any six-year old would tell you.

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