Nullify Abortion has filed for incorporation as a non-profit organization in the State of Michigan. 

The specific purposes and objectives of this corporation shall be to:

  1. Secure basic human rights for preborn human beings throughout the Fifty States by state-level, grassroots activism, advocacy, and education.
  2. Mobilize and empower grassroots pro-life engagement.
  3. Promote state-level legislation which protects the rights, sanctity, personhood, and/or lives of preborn human beings.
  4. Oppose state-level legislation which denies and/or disregards the rights, sanctity, personhood, and lives of preborn human beings.

All for the specific purpose of ending the genocide of preborn human beings in The United States of America.



Nullify Abortion previously operated as a sole-proprietorship. We were never happy with this status, but convenience and circumstances made it the best option at the time. Now we want to do more, and for that, we've organized and incorporated as a non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

♦ Matthew Semrau (Chair)

♦ Greg Semrau

♦ Sean Traeger

♦ George Shaw


♦ President: Matthew Semrau

♦ Secretary: Carol Semrau

♦ Treasurer: Alycia Semrau