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Blog: Who are you to decide what a woman can and can’t do with her body?

Who are you to decide what a woman can and can’t do with her body? You have no right to decide that and you never will. Roe vs. Wade stands as per the 9th Amendment.

Except that, scientifically speaking, the fetus is not her body. It’s a unique human individual with it’s own unique DNA. The DNA of the baby is unique and distinct from its mother. During development, the blood of the unborn child does not mix with that of the mother‘s (that is to say, their circulatory systems are separate). The baby is no less a human being than when it pops out of her.

The “fetus” has the same DNA when she is conceived as when she exits the womb as when she turns 12 years old as when she gets married as when she has children as when she dies.

The 9th Amendment does not guarantee the right to murder dependent children at any stage of development.

A human being can not develop outside of their mother. There is nowhere in the world that a human being can develop and come into an existence other than inside their mother. Thus, it is a natural RIGHT for that individual to exist inside their mother.

There is no alternative. At all. And I don’t think that one individual should be given the power to unilaterally decide whether another individual can exist.

We’re not advocating telling a woman what she can do with her own body, we’re advocating what can’t be done with the body of someone else.

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Matthew is Founder and President of Nullify Abortion. He is a lifelong advocate of the preborn, a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, and an avid writer. He has a B.A. in Communication with a minor in Journalism from Oakland University.

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