Abortion is not just a States issue, Tomi Lahren.

If you pay much attention to conservative (or liberal) news sources, you may have heard something about breakout conservative spokeswoman, Tomi Lahren, making the claim she’s “pro-choice” because the Constitution demands abortion be handled at the State level. Her comments were made during an interview on “The View” which is known for being notoriously anti-Conservative […]

To be consistently pro-life is to admit abortion is murder

Abortion is Murder: Justice for Preborn

If abortion is murder than it must follow those who willfully participate in elective abortions are murderers and accomplices to murder. This is the fundamental argument necessary to advocate for an end to abortion. Abortion must not just be regulated, though we are thankful for the babies saved in this manner, but also criminalized. To […]

Liberty for all? Or only those already born? Nullify Abortion

Opposing Abortion, Not Personal Choice

Nullifying abortion isn’t about infringing on personal choice, but protecting the human rights of preborn baby humans. To be pro-life is to defend liberty. As Strict Constructionists of the Constitution (i.e., we believe the Constitution should be interpreted as it is written, as it was intended to be understood), we share a lot of common […]

Immediatism is a noble but naive approach to ending abortion

Immediatism: Noble but naive solution to ending abortion

It certainly would be nice if we just decided abortion would end the entire country would follow suit. That’s immediatism. The concept that the only solution to abortion is a complete and immediate ban on the practice. In an ideal world, that would happen. We’d wake up tomorrow and all of America would decide, “Hey, […]

The heartbeat bill would save many unborn babies in Michigan

Have you signed the heartbeat petition?

As part of Nullify Abortion’s legislative agenda, we’re looking to pass Heartbeat legislation. To pass this legislation, we need you to voice your support by signing the Heartbeat Bill petition. We are starting in Michigan, but looking to build national support to encourage all states to pass legislation which would make abortion illegal if a […]

Learning grassroots strategy to end abortion and defend the right of life for preborn humans

Second BIRTHday: Making a difference

June 3rd was Nullify Abortion’s second year anniversary. This post is belated by a couple of weeks on account of me being terribly busy. Recap These last two years, we’ve published some great articles and built a following of over 550 Facebook followers (impressive considering most of those are organic likes), and setup an online […]

Orlando: Prayers and Sober-mindedness

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the survivors and the friends and family of those killed today. Regardless of our views on the morality of homosexuality, we believe all life is sacred because we are made in the image of God — even those who reject Him. As an organization which recognizes the terrible […]

Ending abortion at the state level through uncompromising and consistent pro-life opposition

Line in the sand

Where in the Constitution does it say nine unelected politically connected lawyers are the last say on whether or not children can be killed by the tens of millions? It’s time to stop listening to the lies we’ve been sold for the last five decades. The only reason abortion still stands today is because our […]

The pro-life movement's involvement in ending human trafficking and other forms of suffering

Letter Response: Child torture and trafficking

I love receiving mail about Nullify Abortion, whether it’s positive or negative. It offers excellent opportunities to explain our platform and defend the pro-life movement. I received this letter earlier today and wanted to share it with you, and the response, because this is an argument I see again, and again, and again (as you’ll […]

Not An Armadillo: Pro-life position is simple

The reality is we’re all pro-life! Thank God for that! How did I arrive at such a broad assumption? ‘Cause everybody is alive! Therein lies the hypocrisy of pro-abortion. As Ronald Reagan said, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” You may say that’s a very simplistic view.  You’re right! […]