Liberty for all? Or only those already born? Nullify Abortion

Opposing Abortion, Not Personal Choice

Nullifying abortion isn’t about infringing on personal choice, but protecting the human rights of preborn baby humans. To be pro-life is to defend liberty.

As Strict Constructionists of the Constitution (i.e., we believe the Constitution should be interpreted as it is written, as it was intended to be understood), we share a lot of common ideas with Libertarians. State Nullification is a common strategy supported and shared by both Constitutionists and Libertarians alike.

In that vein, we can respect and support the idea of people having the liberty and freedom to do with their own bodies as they see fit — even when believe they may be wrong. We have no intention of interfering with people’s personal decisions.

Abortion, however, is not a personal decision. It is a decision that involves, at the very least, two individuals, and often three or more. Abortion is an act of aggression against a defenseless human being who has committed no crimes.

As such, we believe the Constitution, and the ideals of Liberty dictate we must intervene and prohibit the taking of a life. It is not just a matter of your body, but of another person’s body. It is not just a personal choice, but a choice that deprives another person of their life.

Anyone who tries to frame the conversation as a matter of “anti-choicers depriving women of the freedom to make decisions regarding their own body” are committing a horrible strawman fallacy.

We are advocates of liberty and freedom. We are not advocates of the liberty and freedom to kill other people. That’s wrong and that’s evil in the sight of God.

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