Abortion is not just a States issue, Tomi Lahren.

If you pay much attention to conservative (or liberal) news sources, you may have heard something about breakout conservative spokeswoman, Tomi Lahren, making the claim she’s “pro-choice” because the Constitution demands abortion be handled at the State level. Her comments were made during an interview on “The View” which is known for being notoriously anti-Conservative […]

Taxpayer dollars fund abortions because money is fungible

Fungible, taxpayers funding abortions lie

“Taxpayer dollars don’t fund abortions, thus taxpayer dollars should continue to go to Planned Parenthood.” Don’t be deceived. Be informed. This is a bold faced deception. Money is fungible. Fungi-what? Let me explain,     Wait! This looks different! You got us! Click here to see the original.

Nullification, States, and the Constitution

This article is a crash course on the topics of nullification, state rights, and how Nullify Abortion fits into this picture. This is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of subjects, but rather a quick reference for those unfamiliar with the topics. Nullification Nullification is a political concept whereby a State declares a Federal […]