Pen, paper, and/or keyboard — Choose your weapon to fight abortion

Write for Life

A major challenge of starting an organization advocating a political strategy (that has been ignored for the greater part of a century) to combat an issue with fragmented and divided supporters all arguing for a “best way” is that there is practically no content to work off of.Michael Boldin, founder and leader of the Tenth […]

Nullification, States, and the Constitution

This article is a crash course on the topics of nullification, state rights, and how Nullify Abortion fits into this picture. This is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of subjects, but rather a quick reference for those unfamiliar with the topics. Nullification Nullification is a political concept whereby a State declares a Federal […]

Women’s Rights—We Support Them

It’s often claimed that pro-life supporters are “anti-women’s rights,” “want to turn back time on women’s rights,” and, the oh so common, “oppose women’s reproductive rights.” That had me thinking, so I’ve decided to compile a list to determine whether or not the vast majority* of the pro-life movement is truly these things. * Obviously, […]

Straw Man a friend of Abortion Providers

There are a lot of false accusations being thrown around by the abortion lobby as to why pro-life advocates oppose abortion. It’s frustrating because I know most (if not all) of these accusations are wrong. Many abortion supporters mean well. However, they’re basing their arguments on information that is carefully shaped propaganda. Those advocating abortion […]

Why I’m Pro-Life, Anti-Abortion

I’ve written a lot of pieces over the years using science, common sense, and the Bible to argue why I’m pro-life, anti-abortion. The vast majority of my writings have been based on reasoning, but rarely if ever have I delved deep into my soul and explained why I am pro-life. There are a lot of […]

Blog: Religion valid in abortion debate?

All too often pro-abortion advocates argue that the pro-life argument is “forcing religion” on women. The fallacy here is that if your worldview and moral code is based on religion as opposed to your own personal code of conduct your argument is invalid. That’s wrong. The Abortion Religion It’s ironic that abortion supporters use this […]

Where is the Pro-Life Encouragement?

It’s a Good Time for Nullification Every day, states are nullifying unconstitutional federal acts. Not a week goes by that I don’t see another story of another state making a stand for their citizens and states rights. Nullification isn’t a dead political idea. It’s working. Whether or not the federal government wants it to is […]

Blog: Doing Something About Abortion

This past Friday I had the opportunity to join Students for Life at Oakland University outside Northland Family Planning Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan. As active as I have been on social media and in my interpersonal interactions for the pro-life movement, I wanted to experience and see what it was like to be at […]

The fifth amendment

Blog: Who are you to decide what a woman can and can’t do with her body?

Who are you to decide what a woman can and can’t do with her body? You have no right to decide that and you never will. Roe vs. Wade stands as per the 9th Amendment. Except that, scientifically speaking, the fetus is not her body. It’s a unique human individual with it’s own unique DNA. […]