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Letter Response: Child torture and trafficking

I love receiving mail about Nullify Abortion, whether it’s positive or negative. It offers excellent opportunities to explain our platform and defend the pro-life movement. I received this letter earlier today and wanted to share it with you, and the response, because this is an argument I see again, and again, and again (as you’ll see in my response, I’ve written about here almost ad nauseum…)

Updated with Sharon’s response.

The Letter

From Sharon

Subject: after birth child torture and trafficking

Comment: So your group is going to support all of these children from women with the problem of unexpected pregnancy. I never see where a group of your sorts are going to take care of the pregnant women and child after the child is born. Some of these children are torture to death after they are born, so what are your plans to prevent child trafficking and torture???? And this goes on in the community of Kearney!!!!

My Response

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for writing me.

I don’t think it’s morally superior to kill a human being because they may or may not suffer later in life. Being ripped apart painfully in the womb is torturous.

There is an implication in your letter that unplanned pregnancies result in human trafficking. I would be interested in seeing evidence that demonstrates that. Unwanted pregnancy doesn’t seem to be a major factor in human trafficking.

In fact, from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center,

“There is no single profile for trafficking victims; trafficking occurs to adults and minors in rural, suburban, or urban communities across the country. Victims of human trafficking have diverse socio-economic backgrounds, varied levels of education, and may be documented or undocumented. Traffickers target victims using tailored methods of recruitment and control they find to be effective in compelling that individual into forced labor or commercial sex.”

You also make the claim,

“I never see where a group of your sorts are going to take care of the pregnant women and child after the child is born.”

I address this argument several times on our website (here, here and here). I would like to point you back to my opening statement. It is not humane to kill people because they may or may not have a difficult life. Just because there are people in the world suffering, doesn’t justify committing mass genocide because they might suffer or other people are suffering.

(Also, many crisis pregnancy centers do provide resources well beyond the time of birth. I’ve been involved with several that do.)

This argument boils down to this: “They may or may not suffer so we need to painfully tear them apart in the womb to prevent them from suffering.”

That’s irrational and cruel.

Making the world better

I don’t see [most] organizations looking to bring fresh water to remote African villages also working to provide housing to inner city children. That doesn’t mean the organization or the individuals involved don’t care or are not personally involved at some level. What about organizations like the ASPCA and the Humane Society? Is their money and effort a waste because it doesn’t involve stopping human trafficking — or even directly effect humans for that matter? Maybe they are using their passion, talents and resources to make the world an overall better place?

One organization can not focus on every aspect of suffering.

1.2 Billion children killed by abortion worldwide since 1980. That’s a lot of dead children to ask me to ignore. I don’t see how ignoring the slaughter of so many unwanted children makes the world better or makes me a better person.

To quote the English author John Donne (as I often do),

No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.

Again, I’ve addressed these arguments in more detail in several of my previous articles. I strongly recommend you take the time to read them.

Thank you for writing. I wish you well.


Matthew E. Semrau
Nullify Abortion


Sharon’s Response


I am assuming that you are a guy; therefore, you don’t have a female body and reasonability to society.  In regards to human trafficking which is where the unwanted children migrant to because no one cares!!!!!.   Please read up on the trafficking in the U.S. and in your back yard.  Now if my mom had no other chose then to abort me, I would not have a problem with her decision.  Religion people need to stay away from my body and my doctor.  You are so misguided and most likely not a doctor.   Again I see that you personally don’t have a plan in taking care of the unwanted children????  You are an irrational and cruel person, because you personally are not willing to take care of the unwanted children.  You also you need to get over your rambling. Thanks for your response.



And now mine.

Hi Sharon,

Again, I point you to my articles where I responded to these arguments.

Since a thorough response is “rambling.” I will give you that one link.

I’m not sure where “religion” came into this discussion before you mentioned it. In fact, rarely do our articles invoke religion. You’re committing a straw man fallacy.

Thanks for writing,

Matthew E. Semrau

The gift that just keeps on giving


I am for real a female and lived the life experience. I don’t need for a male to tell me want to and not to do with my body.

You don’t live in a females body, therefore, I don’t need a male preaching to me about life experience.  Also I don’t see you personally assisting women who have morning sickens, cannot make it to work, therefore, loose their job.

Thanks again for your response.

Protecting the unborn is what I do

To quote Dr. Alveda King (who is a woman),

“But it’s not your body.”

Unless, you’re arguing that your body has two brains, four arms, four legs, two hearts, two stomachs, and two distinct sets of DNA.

Like I don’t have to be a Jew or German to protest the Holocaust.

I don’t have to be a woman to protest people killing babies. Using your own logic… why should I be involved in stopping human trafficking if I’m not a woman? Why is it any of my business what happens to them, since, according to you, what happens with and to a woman’s body is none of my business? Why is it when she chooses to kill a child, that child is none of my business, but when she’s forcibly taken captive it suddenly becomes my business?

Not that I’m arguing it isn’t. Because, if you had read the previous article I shared with you, I already make the case that it is my business as a human being.

I don’t care what you do with your body or what doctor you visit. What I do care about are human beings killed because they are too weak and powerless to defend themselves. That’s what I do care about, and that’s why I will continue to speak out for them.


Matthew E. Semrau

On an unrelated notes, please look forward to new content in the next week. I have an article in the pipe for pro-life legislation in Michigan as well as Indiana (and of course, with original statements from several individuals involved in the respective legislatures.)

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