Learning grassroots strategy to end abortion and defend the right of life for preborn humans

Second BIRTHday: Making a difference

June 3rd was Nullify Abortion’s second year anniversary. This post is belated by a couple of weeks on account of me being terribly busy.


These last two years, we’ve published some great articles and built a following of over 550 Facebook followers (impressive considering most of those are organic likes), and setup an online store with some very cool pro-life apparel. However, there is a major difference between posting nice articles and effectively stopping a genocide.

The big problem has been an ignorance to how the world works. How can we mobilize people to end abortion by just writing blog posts? We had a lack of knowledge, strategy, direction, and funding.

Good Company

Friend and patriot, Shane Trejo, recommended we attend a training class by the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. I can’t say enough great things about FACL.


The workshop was mind-blowing. Our instructor, Ted Patterson, taught us practical strategies for mobilizing Conservative advocates. Ted broke down how our political system works, pitfalls many would-be activists fall into, explained how seemingly impossible objectives could become obtainable realities, and how, in our case, actually we cab bring an end to abortion.

The FACL training laid out a clear path to mobilize pro-life grassroots involvement and make a real difference. We’re not quite ready to delve deep into our game plan for securing the rights of the preborn humans, but know we’re about to come out of the gates running.

Preparing, Going Forward

We are now in the process of incorporating as a non-profit organization in Michigan. We’ve selected pro-life advocates from around the country to be a members of our board of directors (they will be introduced in the near future.) We’ve spent weeks writing bylaws, studying the laws, and preparing to file. Next step will be filing with the IRS. To do that, we’re going to need your help — more on that in a moment.

Advanced Training

As I’m writing this article, I’m sitting in my hotel room in Columbus, Ohio. My dad, fellow Abortion Nullifier and partner-in-crime Greg Semrau and I are attending the invitation-only Advanced Training Class by FACL. We’re undertaking an intensive training course and networking with liberty-minded individuals from across the region.

This training is so valuable we’ve taken time off from work and when all is said and done, will have spent over $500 to be here. That is a huge expense for us. However, we’re confident this training is absolutely vital to forming a successful pro-life grassroots movement.

We need to make a difference and we need your help.

How You Can Help

Right now, the biggest thing you can do is support us financially. I can’t stress enough how helpful even a small donation of $5 or $10 would be. Maybe you’ve been really blessed and can afford a $50 or even $100 donation.

We’re willing to live on nothing and drive all over the country to bring an end to abortion. That’s how important saving women and babies from the horror of abortion is to us. What are you willing to do to end abortion?

Please help give us peace of mind this weekend so we can focus squarely on learning strategies to end abortion. Click here to donate.

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