The heartbeat bill would save many unborn babies in Michigan

Have you signed the heartbeat petition?

As part of Nullify Abortion’s legislative agenda, we’re looking to pass Heartbeat legislation. To pass this legislation, we need you to voice your support by signing the Heartbeat Bill petition. We are starting in Michigan, but looking to build national support to encourage all states to pass legislation which would make abortion illegal if a heartbeat can be detected (this can be as young as 7 weeks).

Obviously, we believe all life is sacred. It’s a starting point to build momentum and save potentially hundreds of thousands of lives each year. But we need your support. It’s one thing for us to go to your state representative and say, “Hey, we want a Heartbeat Bill!” it’s another thing to come to them with a list of hundreds of thousands of their constituents.

Your Voice Counts

We can’t stress it enough. Despite everything you’ve been told, despite everything you think, you have an influence on the political process. We need a coalition of pro-life advocates to take our message of life to your state legislators. We firmly believe grassroots activism — average Americans rising up and demanding change from the political class — is the key to ending abortion in the United States.

Feds can pound sand

Every single piece of pro-life legislation is challenged by the anti-lifers. The key to defeating the federal government, along with its crony judges, are states with the backbone to say, “No. You don’t have the authority to tell our state we can’t protect babies.”

The fact we’ll meet resistance is never an excuse to not act. As the old saying goes,

Nothing in life worth doing is easy

With your help, we can create an environment where kowtowing to political appointees in the judicial system is a career ender for state politicians. It’s either the will of the people or a swift and hefty kick out of office.

But our tough words are meaningless without your voice.

Please make your voice heard. Little lives are depending on you.

Click here to sign the heartbeat petition.


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P.S.S. We also need your financial support to get the word out about our Heartbeat petition and other game changing plans. Please do your part to help end abortion. Will you consider donating $200, $100, $20, or your best give today?

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